So what’s a girl to do when she’s :

  • a marvel fangirl since her teens
  • has a pair of prescrip sunglasses from a few years back that are her primary sunglasses & happen to be purple-lensed
  • finds her birthday actually displayed all pretty in one of her new favourite series?

Well, she’s gotta make sure she has proper hawkguy case to carry them in.  With the birthday hidden inside, because how often does that happen in what you’re reading? Really.

I have a bunch of extra clippings - mainly Kate Hawkeye - that I couldn’t fit in after I did the cover and couldn’t layer over top of it.  I think I may have to do a Kate Hawkeye something else. Maybe that hard wallet / card holder in the other room …

(& for the record, don’t worry. the comic books never saw the scissors & are safely beside me. Digital comics + printer ftw. paper’s a bit harder to work with but worth it)

(Also now with bonus card wallet, because … reasons.)

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